QUARTERLY REPORT: Spring & Summer 2023

SUBSTACK As I mentioned on my NOW page, my Substack newsletter is the best place to keep up with what I’m up to. It’s called Love Songs Etc. Check it out HERE. BLEND In my Winter 2023 Quarterly Report, I announced my first release in years, “Fading Fast.” I said it was the first in a series of singles leading up to a new album. Well, that album has been put on hold while I [...]

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NEW SINGLE "FADING FAST" OUT NOW! "Fading Fast" is the first in a series singles leading up to a full-length album.  It's my first release since "Skeleton Crew" dropped in March of 2020.  Before that I had not released any songs since The Droge & Summers Blend Volume Two EP in 2014.  (Thanks a lot chronic fatgue!) For the backstory on the lyrics check out this post on my SUBSTACK. Watch the lyric video on [...]

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Quarterly Report: Fall 2022

HEALTH UPDATE September 2022 marked my seven year anniversary with chronic fatigue.  I'm happy to report that my energy is improving.  And while I'm still a long way from 100%, I'm super grateful for the energy I do have.  Lately I've been feeling well enough to begin a slow and steady return to my music career.  More on all that later. In the meantime, here are a few bits of news... END CREDIT SONG “Among [...]

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Quarterly Reports: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall 2021

Vashon Island Pet Protectors Fundraiser I’ve donated a rare item to VIPP’s online auction. Click HERE to bid on a 60 minute lesson via Zoom with yours truly. Choose your topic: Songwriting, guitar, voice or recording. Other items up for auction include a ukulele signed by Eddie Vedder, Almost Famous swag signed by Cameron Crowe and VIP tickets to see Band of Horses at Seattle’s Paramount Theater. See all auction items HERE. Almost Famous 20th [...]

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SMASH Fundraiser

A Fender guitar autographed by yours truly and my pal Elaine Summers is being auctioned off to raise money for SMASH.SMASH is Seattle Musicians Access to Sustainable Healthcare. A very worthy cause. In addition to the guitar we signed, there is lots of fun Seattle rock stuff including an autographed guitar from a guy named Mike McCready. (Mike's in a band called Pearl Jam if you didn't know.)Speaking of Pearl Jam, Stone's new side project [...]

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Skeleton Crew Project

Can we create a series of singles that supports a community of artists & creative professionals while incubating a donor-driven record label focused on giving? Can we? Let’s find out! • • • Turns out that I cannot.  Not while living thru year five of chronic fatigue I can't. I gave it my all.  But it's taken it's toll on my recovery and I have accepted that I simply can't pull this off while staying within my "energy [...]

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Quarterly Reports: Spring, Summer & Fall 2019

Health Update Slowly but slowly my health is improving. (Health backstory HERE.) Assuming the trend continues, it shouldn’t  be too long before I’m ready to begin pre-production on my next record. In the meantime, I’ve been dusting off the old live chops. Live & In-Person On November 8 Elaine Summers and I will play a couple of songs at The O Space to help celebrate the release of Vashon Calling, an album to benefit Vashon [...]

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Quarterly Report: Winter 2019

Health Update My sabbatical continues while I focus on recovering my health. (For the backstory, read my Healing Music post.) My energy is still low, but the general trend is moving up. Recently I had a stretch where I felt like I was operating at around 50%. After being down in the 20% range so much, that felt amazing. I see light at the end of the tunnel. Actually, I don't feel like I'm in a tunnel at [...]

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Spacey & Shakin’ Turns 20

20 years ago today, on April 7, 1998, Epic/57 Records released my third album, Spacey and Shakin'. I wrote the album with my band The Sinners in mind.  Peter Stroud, Dave Hull, Rob Brill and Elaine Summers all shine on this disc.  Our producer engineer team of Brendan O'Brien and Russ Fowler created what to my ear is a damn cool sounding record.  (Audio dorks might be interested to know that much of the compression [...]

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Dog Ate My Homework

I posted this video a while ago on social media announcing that I was close to finishing the first 1000 TREES single. I have since finished the track, but it will still take some time before it’s released. There are a few reasons things are moving at such a glacial pace. Busy mastering engineers, the search for the right designer to create cover art, embarking on producing an EP for Moody Little Sister [...]

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