A Fender guitar autographed by yours truly and my pal Elaine Summers is being auctioned off to raise money for SMASH.

SMASH is Seattle Musicians Access to Sustainable Healthcare. A very worthy cause.

In addition to the guitar we signed, there is lots of fun Seattle rock stuff including an autographed guitar from a guy named Mike McCready. (Mike’s in a band called Pearl Jam if you didn’t know.)

Speaking of Pearl Jam, Stone’s new side project sounds amazing.  It’s called Painted Sheild.  Check it out.

Anyway, in addition to the online auction, SMASH is broadcasting a live stream today (Saturday 11/21/20) featuring the aforementioned McCready, Dave Matthews, Duff McKagen and many other Seattle musicians who have turned out in force to support this great organization.

UPDATE: The auction closed on Friday, Nov 27,2020.

Visit www.smashseattle.org.

Peace & Love,