Can we create a series of singles that supports a community of artists & creative professionals while incubating a donor-driven record label focused on giving?

Can we? Let’s find out!

• • •

Turns out that cannot.  Not while living thru year five of chronic fatigue I can’t.

I gave it my all.  But it’s taken it’s toll on my recovery and I have accepted that I simply can’t pull this off while staying within my “energy envelope.”

So… I’m going to punt.

I’ve decided to delete the previous post where we tried—and failed—to distill my ideas down to a short mission statement.  “Damnit Jim!  I’m a songwriter, not a communications major!!!”

Before going off-of-the-grid to tend to my health, I will try and share my grand vision of what I had hoped the Skeleton Crew Project could begin to incubate.

I am hoping to produce a few more ‘advance’ episodes of my forthcoming podcast, PETE DROGE is OBSESSED, in which I’ll try—in 25,000 words or less—to give you an idea of my vision for what our little corner of the music world might look like post-COVID-19.  [UPDATE on 5/5/20: Kicking this can down the road so I can tend to my health.]  Maybe someone out there might hear my ideas and be inspired enough to  give them a try.  At the very least I hope to get a conversation going about how me might use the massive reset this pandemic has brought upon as an opportunity to make the music business more artist-friendly moving forward.

For now, we’ve released  Skeleton Crew (Version One) feat. Elaine Summers on our little label, Puzzle Tree Records.

100% of the proceeds from Bandcamp will go to Vashon Youth & Family Services.

Finally, we are currently seeking matching grant donors so that folks who want to donate directly to this wonderful non-profit can do so and have their contributions matched.  If you’d like to help with this, please hit up the contact button above.  [UPDATE on 5/5/20: We are still actively raising money for VYFS, and will keep doing so.  I suspect the need is even greater now than when the pandemic began, so please reach out if you’d like to help with a matching grant.]

Peace & Love,

Pete Droge
Vashon Island, WA
March 31, 2020



UPDATE: April 03, 2020

1) “Skeleton Crew” is available wherever you find digital music.  100% or proceeds from Bandcamp go to Vashon Youth & Family Services.

2) I posted PETE DROGE is OBSESSED!!! episode 000… a podcast teaser.  In it I discuss the Skeleton Crew Project and share a sneak peak of my interview with Chris Ballew.


3) Lance Alton Troxel—the insanely gifted designer of our cover art—blew us away with this short film for “Skeleton Crew.”  He’s submitted the work to Inspiration Oregon, a contest launched by Oregon Film as a way to encourage filmmakers to get creative in their homes during times when citizens are urged to remain indoors. Watch the film HERE.

4) I spoke with Jeff Hoyt on the Voice of Vashon about the Skeleton Crew Project.  He asked if I would talk for 5 minutes.  The interview lasted almost 30.  Yeah… I’m pretty passionate about this thing alright.

5) I married a dharma talk by Gil Fronsdal with a piece of ambient music.  Listen HERE.

Okay… time for me to hit the mediation station!!!