Last updated November 2021

I’ve got a single out called “Skeleton Crew.”

For now, it’s what they call a soft release.

A more proper release will come later when Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready puts the song out on his vinyl-only label.

100% of Bandcamp proceeds to Vashon Youth & Family Services. The track is also available wherever you find digital music.

I’ve got the chronic fatigue.

I’m in year seven of my run with chronic fatigue. (Read my Healing Music post from October 2017 for the backstory.)

The illness is teaching me about letting go. And about surrender.

It’s teaching me to simplify. And to slow down and just be. For an old workaholic like me, just being don’t come natural. It takes practice.

And so…

I’ve got the self-care thing going strong.

I meditate at least two hours a day.

I’m really into qigong and yoga.

These practices, along with a slew of other self-care methods are keeping me in a good headspace most of the time.

Occasionally, I freak out about not having the energy to do the things I want to do, but those episodes are becoming increasingly rare.

I’ve got creative momentum.

The songwriting pace has slowed a bit lately as I focus my creative energies on getting ready to start cutting demos in earnest.

To prepare for said demos, I’ve been brushing up on my drum chops. Inspired by Velvet Underground drummer Mo Tucker, I’m learning to play kick drum with a mallet.

As usual, I’m playing a ton of guitar. In addition to my daily Giuliani exercises, I’ve been woodshedding on strumming with an eye on building up the muscle memory to play some of the uptempo songs we’ve written.

On the songwriting front, I’m always chipping away. I’ve got heaps of song ideas in various states of undress in need of attention and craftsmanship.

And so…

I’ve got no time for the social medias.

I like the analog life. I’m trying to stay off screens as much as possible.

I’ve been on a social media fast since late 2017. While I’ve lifted it briefly a few times, at the moment I’m enjoying total abstinence.

I’ve got to find a way to wrap this up.

How about I leave you with a short list of what I’m digging lately?

The Velvet Underground by Todd Haynes on Apple TV+ is one of the most satisfying rock documentaries I’ve ever seen.

Songwriter Mary Gauthier has published a book called Saved By a Song. It’s part memoir, part philosophy of art, and part nuts and bolts of songwriting. Like Mary, I was adopted so the chapters on adoption really resonated with me. Keep tissues on hand.

Filmmaker Ward Serrill has published his first book, To Crack the World Open—Alaska, Solitude and a Dog Named Woody tracing his path from corporate America to the Alaskan wilderness. He’s also launched a podcast, Chew the Bone with Dr. Woody. This “dogcast” features a hilarious segment with world-renowned dog psychologist Dr. Woody as well as readings from the book. (FULL DISCLOSURE: Ward is a long-time collaborator of mine and I provide the theme song for the dogcast.)

Finally, I listen to a ton of Gil Fronsdal. Gil is a dharma teacher at the Insight Meditation Center. Even if you are not drawn to the Buddhist thing, I encourage you to check him out at

I paired Gil’s talk, “Meditation in the age of COVID-19” with a piece of ambient music HERE.

Speaking of meditation, it’s time for me to head to the meditation station.

Peace & Love,

Pete Droge
Vashon Island, Washington