Health Update
My sabbatical continues while I focus on recovering my health. (For the backstory, read my Healing Music post.) My energy is still low, but the general trend is moving up. Recently I had a stretch where I felt like I was operating at around 50%. After being down in the 20% range so much, that felt amazing. I see light at the end of the tunnel. Actually, I don’t feel like I’m in a tunnel at all.  Mentally and emotionally I’m in a great space.

Droge 5.0
I’m looking forward to rekindling and reimagining my career. Droge 5.0, if you will. I’m eager to get out on the road and play some shows. I’m also excited to continue the development of my podcast, Pete Droge is Obsessed. And I’ve got tons of ideas in mind for Cinema Droge, a video channel. For now though, I’m pouring all of my creative energies—limited as they may be—into songwriting. I’m working on material for a new record. As always, Elaine Summers is proving to be an invaluable collaborator. We just finished a song called “Sundown at Francis Nash.” (To my BHS pals: you’ll have to wait for the record to see which of you gets name checked in the song.)

On the TV
If you tune into the new Ricky Gervais series After Life on Netflix, keep an ear out for my voice tucked in harmony under Matthew Sweet and Shawn Mullins.  “Among the Living” from The Thorns record is featured in the soundtrack.

Necktie 25th
My debut album, Necktie Second, turns 25 this year. I’m considering releasing Necktie 25th, a deluxe edition with outtakes, demos, live recordings etc. I’m thinking vinyl would be cool. And speaking of vinyl, we’re also keen on compiling both Droge & Summers Blend EPs onto one slab of wax.

Producer Hat
Regular readers of the All Droge News Compendium know that I produced Moody Little Sister’s debut, Wild Places. What you may not know is that I also produced a single for the duo last year. Working on “I Got Soul” made it clear that chronic fatigue and record making do not pair well. So reluctantly, I had to pass on producing their next album. They are forging on without me and recently launched a Kickstarter campaign. I encourage you to check them out. They’re the real deal.

I’m 50… 50 Years Old!
I know it’s silly (and vain) but every year I check to see if I still make the celebrity birthdays lists. Eventually I imagine whoever decides will say, “Hold the presses! This guy hasn’t had anything resembling a hit in years.  What’s he doing on here?” Well, according to the New York Times, I’m still a celebrity. And boy is my ego glad to hear that!  #humblebrag

Well that’s all the news that’s fit to print. At some point this space will become more active. Until then…

Peace & Love,