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In my Winter 2023 Quarterly Report, I announced my first release in years, “Fading Fast.” I said it was the first in a series of singles leading up to a new album. Well, that album has been put on hold while I focus my energy on The Droge & Summers Blend.

Blend, as I call it, is my side project with Elaine Summers. We released two five-song EPs under the Blend moniker. Volume One came out in 2009.  Volume Two in 2014.  Volume Three was aborted when my chronic fatigue issues began in September 2015.

Digging through sessions from the Blend years, we unearthed a variety of material. Our forthcoming full-length will contain tracks intended for Volume Three, outtakes from the EPs, three alternate versions, three demos, and one brand-new song.

So far, we’ve released three singles: “Only Have Eyes,” Rootop,” and “Northern Lights.” The lone new song, “Big Time Dream,” will be our next single in early October.  Then, the full-length will be available in November.

Find the singles HERE. Or buy direct from BANDCAMP.

While looking for old music to share on Substack, I came across a box labeled “late 90s.” In it was a cassette that read “Warren Pash at Got Wheels.” Got Wheels was the name of my studio in those days, and Warren Pash is a gifted songwriter and musician. He co-wrote the Hall and Oates number one smash “Private Eyes.” Carole King recorded “Life Without Love,” which he co-wrote with Gerry and Louise Goffin. But he is not just a songwriter. He is an artist in his own right. And a great one at that.

The cassette contained two songs: “Blue River” and “Bones and Stones.” Warren will be releasing them soon. Also coming soon is an article I wrote about the sessions for Tape Op Magazine’s blog. Stay tuned.

I served as co-producer on Laying Low, the fifth solo album from Chris Ballew of Presidents of the United States of America and Caspar Babypants fame. Regular readers of the All-Droge News Compendium know that I’ve worked with Chris on all five of his solo records. He is prolific beyond belief, releasing five records in just two years! And he’s got more on the way! I’m honored to play a small role in bringing his amazing music into the world.

Chris and BandBox Records have partnered to release a best-of collection on white vinyl. Pre-order HERE.

Speaking of vinyl, the Ramadillo split 7” 45 rpm record is available now from Between the Cracks Records. I fronted Ramadillo from 1990 to 1992. For a history of the band, check out this Substack post HERE.

You can order online HERE. Or, if you live in the Northwest, pop into one of these fine record stores: Easy Street, High Voltage, Sonic Boom, Georgetown Records, Atomic Genius, Jive Time, Seattle Records, or Fat Cat Records. More stores will be added soon.

Peace & Love Songs,