ABC’s Castle used the Droge & Summers Blend song “Sad Clown” in the background during a bar scene. I tuned in, but got so sucked into the plot that I didn’t even notice my own song playing.

Vanity Fair featured a track from the A Lot Like You soundtrack album in a behind-the-scenes video glimpse into a photo shoot with Sam Jones and thirteen top character actors. HAVE A LOOK.

Ron Gatty’s new digital single, “All in the Dream” is out now. (I executive produced and mixed the track.) It was love at first listen and I’m proud to have played a part in bringing this beautiful song into the world. Director John Jeffcoat created a stunning music video for the track. HAVE A LOOK.

A Lot Like You * is going strong almost a year since its world premier at SIFF. Momentum keeps building as we win awards and receive glowing press. After presenting our director, Eliaichi Kimaro, with their Best Documentary award, the SFIAAFF jury had this to say: “This layered documentary starts with a familiar exploration of mixed-race identity as the narrator searches for her roots, but brings the discussion to surprising levels of personal and political self-awareness. Fresh and inspired, tender and uncommonly smart, A Lot Like You triumphs as an exemplary work of first-person documentary for the 21st century.”

LIVE PERFORMANCE ALERT: I will play a short set before a screening of A Lot Like You in Portland, Oregon on Sunday, May 20 at The Mission Theater. Doors are at 6PM. Tickets & info HERE.

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BLEND UPDATE: When friends ask how the next Droge & Summers Blend EP is coming along, I say, “Slowly, but slowly.” One reason for the relaxed pace is that I am making time to experiment with techniques I learned from Tchad Blake last year at Mix With the Masters. Also, I am “pre-mixing” some of the basic tracks before we start lobbing a bunch of overdubs into the fold. And thanks to Jay Bellerose, Scott Weddle, Jen Condos, Dave Hull and Matt Chamberlain, I have some very inventive and inspired performances to make the most of. Even though these tracks are getting a little long in the tooth—we cut the basics back in 2009—Elaine and I are as excited as ever to flesh them out.

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Regular readers of the All Droge News Compendium—ADNC for short—know that in addition to composing the score, I am also one of the film’s producers.