I’ve had a hard time carving out time to write my Quarterly Report. Here is a quick look at some of what’s been going on.

Today, I’m working on a friend’s record. The project is hush-hush. As soon as he is ready to let the cat out of the bag, I’ll spill the beans.

I am in the middle of creating music for two national TV spots. Until the spots air, I’m sworn to secrecy.

Now, onto what I can tell you about. Back in June, I knocked out music for another McDonald’s tv spot. You can view the the extended web cut HERE.

In August, I composed an original score for Ward Serrill’s short, Catching Fire. We submitted the film, which tells the story of Peter Scott’s work at Burn Labs, to GE’s Focus/Forward Filmmaker Contest. We made it to the semi-finals. You can view and vote for the film HERE.

I performed at an event called SMooCH (Seattle Musicians for Children’s Hospital) at The Triple Door on December 7. Also on the bill: Brad, Rachel Flotard, CFO, The Young Evils, Stag, Carrie Akre and the Sangster Family Band. We raised about $150K!

In A Lot Like You * news, we picked up another award. Our director, Eliaichi Kimaro, was on hand to receive Toronto’s Female Eye Film Festival’s Best Documentary statue. Have a LOOK. In more festival news, the film will screen for opening night of the SEATTLE ASIAN AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL. on January 25. For the small screen, an hour-long cut is ready for its television debut where it kicks off a new season of PBS‘s AfroPop on January 22. Check local listings. And, an interview with Eli was featured on the front page at www.npr.org a while back. Check out the story HERE.
There is so much more… for all the latest A Lot Like You news CLICK HERE.

BLEND UPDATE: Like I said in my Spring Quarterly Report, Volume Two from The Droge & Summers Blend is coming along slowly, but slowly. We’ve made a few brush strokes here and there, but for the most part the record has been put on ice. In the words of Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore, “Someday, this war’s gonna end.” In our case, it’s more like, “Someday, we’ll find time to finish our record.”

In line after Blend is my yet-to-be-named collaborative project with Keith Lowe. We are exploring our mutual love of ambient music. I have other collaborations brewing for 2013 too. More later.

In Puzzle Tree Studio news, we recently consulted with an acoustician on revamping our control room. We flipped everything around 180 degrees and it sounds amazing. We’ve also acquired some new toys: a Goodall guitar, a Yamaha U3 piano and a sweet Lawson mic.

Until next time,

Regular readers of the All Droge News Compendium—ADNC for short—know that in addition to composing the score, I am also one of the film’s producers.