I finished out 2011 creating music for a series of television commercials. Three original pieces span eleven broadcast spots and three webisodes. You may be familiar with the client—they’re called McDonald’s. Spots are airing nationally now. HAVE A LOOK.

A lot is a lot happening with A Lot Like You.* We won the only award handed out at ADIFF in New York, and we won Best Documentary at MIBFF in Montreal. Director, Eliaichi Kimaro was recently interviewed by BBC Radio and Warren Etheridge for his in-depth interview program, The High Bar. Plus, there’s a huge spread coming in The Seattle Times on January 28th. And there’s so much more. VISIT THE ALLY BLOG for all the latest.

I mixed and executive-produced a track for singer-songwriter Ron Gatty. I am currently playing matchmaker in hopes that John Jeffcoat will direct a video for this beautiful song.

Elaine Summers and I made a video for Vashon Island Pet Protectors that features a new song called “With a Little Help.” WATCH IT.

Shawn Smith’s CEDARWOOD EP was released late last year. Here is what Shawn had to say about how the record came about: “Sometime in 2007, Stone Gossard invited me down to the studio for 4 days of recording. The group was Stone, Pete Droge, Lonnie Marshall and Shawn Smith (me). Maybe it was 3 days, I can’t quite remember. I was the singer, Lonnie played bass, Stone and Pete played guitars as well as sharing drum duties. I played drums on one. Stone brought in the music and then we all added our parts as we recorded. I wrote all the vocal melodies and lyrics. It was very organic and if memory serves, one of the more enjoyable recording sessions I’ve ever been a part of. This group of songs, these mixes, are what I walked out of the studio with after our session. They haven’t been touched since.”

Two tracks from the A Lot Like You soundtrack album are featured in a new trailer for the documentary film, Christiania. Visit their KICKSTARTER PAGE to check it out.

I contributed vocals to a benefit album called The Shakers’ Sessions. The album is out now. For more info CLICK HERE.

Today, I am working on a song that I co-wrote with Yoshi Breen and Elaine Summers called “Nothing in the World.” Yoshi’s new side-project band wanted to cut the song and feature me as a guest. While the basic tracking took place in southern Holland, I chimed in with production ideas from Vashon Island via live stream. As soon as I am finished adding my vocals and guitars, I’ll send files back so they can finish up their bits and release the song later this year.

As soon I get “Nothing in the World” off of my plate, my attention will return to The Droge & Summers Blend. We are chipping away at Volume Two, the long-awaited follow-up to Volume One.

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*Regular reader of The All Droge News Compendium—ADNC for short—know that in addition to composing the score, I also served as one of the film’s producers