I’d love to say that The Droge & Summers Blend, Volume Two has been on the back burner, but the truth is it’s been dumped in a plastic tub and shoved in the freezer. This chilling fact was made clear as a pair of anniversaries passed: it’s been over a year since Volume One was released, and two years since we cut the first round of basics. At the moment we are defrosting a couple of tracks that we’ll release on 7″ vinyl. No promises on when we’ll get this out. We need to reach the other side of a remodeling project and some travel before turning up the heat.

For those ADNC regulars who have been wondering who the client was that I could not mention as the Summer update went to press, the answer is Les Schwab. Publicis enlisted Puzzle Tree Music to give musical voice to animated characters playing organ, flute, clarinet and fiddle on top of their existing music track. Have a look at the spot HERE on Digital Kitchen’s Vimeo page. Thanks to Hans Teuber and Sara Perlman for their contributions to this project.

In other news, an instrumental version of “Going Whichever Way the Wind Blows” is featured over the end credits of a short film called Network In Progress, by director Eliaichi Kimaro. The film chronicles the achievements of The Northwest Network, whose mission is to provide support and advocacy for LGBT survivors of gender violence.

I contributed several existing pieces of score music to serve as the soundtrack for a short film called John Arum: A Life of Purpose. John Jeffcoat shot and cut this moving tribute celebrating the work of environmental attorney, John Arum who tragically lost his life in a mountain climbing accident in September. I was honored to have my music help to memorialize his remarkable life. I also made my editorial debut by cutting a slideshow that screened at his memorial service.

“Tie the Knot,” from The Droge & Summers Blend Volume One, plays over the end credits of a fundraising trailer for an upcoming feature documentary about trees. Tree Story is the newest project from director Ward Serrill. His last feature, The Heart of the Game, was all the buzz at the Toronto Film Festival in 2005. It went on to land distribution from Mirimax.

Earlier this month, I spoke on a panel at Grammy Music Tech Summit 2010 – Year of the Song. I think they may post video on their website at some point. Keep an eye on GRAMMY365.COM if you’d like to see it.

The Hootenanny for a Healthy Gulf show with Mike McCready, Duff McKagen and friends, at The Moore Theater in Seattle, was a gas. For the play by play, visit my new blog, PUZZLE TREE JUNK DRAWER.