Elaine Summers and I will be singing our song “Tie The Knot” for “An Evening of TreeStories.” To be extra clear, we are only singing one song.

Below I have copied a blurb about the event from director Ward Serrill :

“An Evening of TreeStories” will be held on Dec 1st, 7pm at Wallingford’s Good Shepherd Center in Seattle. It will be a celebration of our city’s trees. Featuring musical performances from Pete Droge and Lelavision, Hugo House writers Ed Skoog and Judith Skillman, and spoken word from hiphop artist Cham Ba. We’ll also have an introduction from city council member Sally Clark, former TED speaker and tree canopy biologist Nalini Nadkarni, as well as readings of the top “treestories” from Seattle that have been submitted on our website.

We are organizing this event as part of a larger project, a feature documentary film in production called “TreeStory.” TreeStory explores the relationship between humans and trees from every possible angle. Once people see the film they won’t see a tree in the same way again. More info can be found on the movie site, www.treestorymovie.com.