New console is up and running. I love it. Sounds amazing. First task for the desk is mixing the Gary Yerkins record. (There is some tracking left to tend to on a few of the songs too, which will take place here at The Puzzle Tree Studio and in Chicago.) I’ll try and get some pictures of the new board up as soon as I can come up for air. a great horned owl approves of the new console. It is breeding season and he’s been hanging out on a dead Madrona tree outside the studio window nearly every day around dusk. What a treat.

Five of my songs and one that I produced for Elaine Summers will be featured in the film “Shadow People”. Droge songs included in the picture are “Going Whichever Way the Wind Blows,” “Under the Waves,” “Into the Sunset” (all three co-written by Elaine), “Enough” & “Do Be True”. The Elaine track is called “To Be Mine” and originally appeared on her album Transplanting on Loosegroove Records back in ’97.