Acoustic versions of “So I Am Over You” and “Straylin Street” (feat. Mike McCready) have been released on The Bridge Collection. This collection features live performances from Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit concerts and is available exclusively thru the iTunes MUSIC STORE. Other artists on the collection include Neil Young, CSN, Willie Nelson, Norah Jones, Pearl Jam, REM, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Thom Yorke and many more.

Here is the big studio announcement… are you ready? I bought a new recording console! It’s a Trident Series 80-5.1. It will land around the middle of the month. We hope to have it wired up and seeing action shortly thereafter.

Rob Stroup will visit the studio just before the desk arrives to cut some tracks. He will have Derek Brown (fresh off of his Eels tour) and Matt Voth in tow. We have been writing together and will cut about five songs. Rob is crazy busy, so not sure when this stuff will see the light of day.

I did some engineering at The Puzzle Tree for my old pal Ian Moore. He is making an album for Justice Records, a label out of Texas.

Visit the “Photographs” section of the site for some snapshots from both the Stroup and Moore sessions.

I’m playing at Mississippi Studios in Portland on December 8, 2006. See “Appearances” for details.