I tagged along on Danny Newcomb’s video shoot yesterday with my filmmaking mentor John Jeffcoat. In order to get to watch the man in action—and pick up cinematography tricks along the way— I offered to lend a hand.

I ended up giving him a second set of eyes while capturing drone footage.

I carried stuff.

I operated playback for lip syncing.

I removed dog poo from the trail so shoes weren’t soiled.

I yelled “We’re losing light!” a lot.

I even shot a bit of behind-the-scenes footage. (BTS clip coming soon.)

For those of you keeping score at home I think I racked up at least two or three credits. But who’s counting?

Danny’s lead single is a killer song called “Summer Sky.” Seriously. I got chill bumps. It’s a super cool, catchy-in-the-best-way rock song mixed by another of Vashon Island’s finest, Martin Feveyear. Danny’s record comes out on August 11.