Gary Yerkins and I are recording like mad to finish tracking on his record this month. Ben Smith and Andy Stoller will come out to the Puzzle Tree Studio to help us knock out one more toe tapper. We have also cut two other new songs to round out the record. I can’t wait to get some of Gary’s tunes into the Jukebox.

First traces of radio play for Under The Waves: NPR’s “Day to Day” show spun the song “Trails”.

Speaking of Radio: The next single from Shawn Mullins’ 9th Ward Pickin Parlor is the other song that I co-wrote, “Blue As You.” Way to pick ’em Vanguard Records radio department.

Stephen Ashbrook was here at The Puzzle Tree Studio early this month. Sadly, we are having to put the record on hold until he recovers from throat polyps. Get well soon SA!