ON SCREEN: “Wonder” from the new Droge & Summers Blend EP will be featured in the pilot for a new TV show airing this fall. Details later.

ON STAGE: I will perform a few songs at The Triple Door in Seattle on 8/2/14. The gig is billed as Ian Moore & Friends. I’m one of the friends. I imagine the gig to have a feel of singing around a campfire, which Ian and I do from time to time. Info HERE.

ON THE AIR: The Droge & Summers Blend will visit the XM Radio studios in D.C. this month to play a handful of songs.

IN THE STUDIO: I spent time in L.A. a while back working with producer Mark Howard on a new Jaime Wyatt record. In addition to co-writing two songs, I lent some guitar touches to the project. In case you don’t know who Mark is, he is best known for having been Daniel Lanois’ right hand man. For more on Jaime click HERE.
I’ll be back in L.A. later this month to cut basic tracks for a new Moody Little Sister album. I am executive producing. MLS are a duo from Portland comprised of Naomi Hooley & Rob Stroup. Check out their website HERE. We’ll be joined in the studio by two members of The Blending Crew*, Jay Bellerose & Jennifer Condos, plus guitarist Bob Dunham.
I am also contributing to new music by a Seattle artist named Holly Grigsby. My friend Scott Weiss is producing. We cut harmonies recently and have plans to track guitars soon.

That’s it for now. There are other fun things incubating… more on those next time.




  • The Blending Crew are the musicians who contributed to The Droge & Summers Blend Project.