The Puzzle Tree Online Store will be open soon. We want your feedback first. Responses to any or all of the following would be appreciated. You can email us at contact at puzzletreemusic dot com.
1 We are planning on making all of our music available in a variety of formats. How important is it to you to have the option of downloading a file that has better fidelity than an MP3? Would you be interested in a 24 bit 96k version? 16 bit AIFF? FLAC? Anything else?
2 What do you think a fair price is for a digital album? How about a 5 song EP?
3 Are you a fan of the idea of “pay what you want”? If so, why?
4 Do you buy CDs, digital downloads or both?
5 Where do you purchase music?
6 How do you discover new music these days?
7 In what environments to you listen to music?
8 When you want to check out a song a friend told you about, where do you look first?
Please feel free to share any other thoughts you have that you think we may find interesting. Thanks in advance for your input.

Tracking is complete for the first Droge & Summers Blend EP. We postponed the mixing process while we made some dramatic changes to the Puzzle Tree Studio control room. (Thanks to our friends at ASC… the Tube Trap monitor stands are beyond amazing.) Elaine is heading out of town, so we’ll throw the record on the back burner and take a much needed break and try to gain some perspective. While she is gone, I’ll turn my focus towards the score for the documentary Worlds Apart. And, I will try to get out and clear the blackberries that are encroaching on my Monkey Tree.

UNICEF’s Tap Project in Seattle is using our song “Into The Sunset” in it’s TV spots again this year. For info on World Water Week click HERE. You can view the clip from last year HERE.

If you want to know my top ten pieces of studio gear, visit