You know it is for real when you book non-refundable airline tickets and accommodations. The DROGE & SUMMERS Blend sessions are set to begin on September 15. For those of you just tuning in, I will bring you up to speed… The “DROGE” is me, Pete Droge. The “SUMMERS” is my long time partner in crime, Elaine Summers. We will be releasing a series of EPs that should each contain around 5 or 6 songs. At this point, we are thinking about three volumes, each with a different cast of musicians backing us up. The first band will consist of Matt Chamberlain (drums), Dave Hull (bass), Scott Weddle (guitar etc). Rob Stroup will be on hand to help Vincent LaBelle and me with engineering duties. We may get Rob to play some guitar if he’s up for it.
Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam guitarist) is releasing his song “Your Flames” as a single this month. Harmony vocals from DROGE & SUMMERS are very prominently featured. I also played the wah wah guitar solo and served as Executive Producer. I will post a link when it is available.