EP in stores today.  Find one near you? PLUS Peter Stroud is coming!

We are distributing our CD thru a company called Junketboy, AKA Think Indie. It’s a consortium of independent record retailers determined to bring true music lovers back to the stores that make a difference. Besides sharing the avid fan’s passion and enthusiasm for music, Think Indie stores are equipped with a unique catalogue of exclusive releases, live shows and limited-edition goodies from a variety of well-known artists – the kind of stuff that makes cool record stores even cooler. Visit THINKINDIE.COM to learn more or to find a store near you.
Oddly enough, the release day of Volume One is the day we finally turn our attention towards completing Volume Two. We’re pulling up tracks and knocking out quick rough mixes to send to our good old pal Loud & Proud Peter Stroud. (I coined his nick name back when he was a member of my backing band The Sinners.) You may have seen him playing guitar with Sheryl Crow lately. Or you may know him as founder of 65 AMPS. In any event, if you do know him, you most certainly love him. We are thrilled to have him come lend his immense talents to The Blend project.