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Elaine and I have been preparing for our sold-out show at VCA’s Katherine L White Hall on Nov 12. They may release a few tickets. To get on the waiting list, contact VCA HERE.

Can’t tell you how excited I am to announce that our dear friend Peter Stroud will be joining us for the show. He’s flying out from Atlanta with a couple of electric guitars in tow to add dimension to the sound.

I’ve been doing a few interviews leading up to the show. To keep up on that stuff check me out on the old FACEBOOKS.

Elaine and I have donated a house concert—our first ever—to Vashon Island Pet Protectors’ Fur Ball. The auction is tomorrow, Saturday, Oct 29. There are a few tickets left if you’d like to bid in person. Or if you can’t be there and want win the house concert you can set up a proxy bid by emailing furball@vipp.org. You can view details on house concert in the auction catalog HERE.


EXTRA EXTRA: Doc airing on PBS Reel NW

July 19th, 2016|Categories: Composer, News|

A Lot Like You will air as part of Reel NW on KCTS. Info HERE.

Coincidence Alert: Exactly six years ago today I posted that I had completed the score for A Lot Like You. And what’s more, I looked back at the email trail for the project to discover that my first meeting with the film’s editor, Eric Frith, took place exactly eight years ago on 7/19/08.

And if that’s not enough, the date of the screening tomorrow night would have been my biological mother’s 68th birthday. This is of note since it was my involvement in Eliaichi Kimaro​’s film that inspired me to search for my biological family. I’ve copied the soundtrack album bio below that tells the story.


This gig changed my life—not in some surface-level career way (even though by completely giving myself to the documentary feature, A Lot Like You, I earned my first film producer credit). The change I’m talking about is bigger than a resume. It is, to quote the film, one of “real lived life.”

It began when I checked my email one afternoon in September, 2009. I had already been working as the film’s composer for over a year, creating a catalog of musical sketches that editor Eric Frith was using as a temp score alongside a handful of instrumental mixes from my album, Under The Waves. Eric and director Eliaichi Kimaro had already been cutting the film for four years—on and off—when it took an unexpected turn. In that turn, they discovered the heart of their movie. Next, Eli was faced with a big choice: how much of her own story would she share? She worked through that decision by writing in her journal. And on that day in September, she addressed an email to me, attached a couple of documents and clicked “send.”

Having recently turned 40, I had been examining issues concerning identity and sense of self. And while questions raised in the film about what gets handed down from one generation to the next were especially intriguing to me, I had barely scratched the surface of what any of that really meant in my own life. But reading Eli’s intensely personal, unedited journal entries shook me to my core and inspired me to do some digging of my own. It took time, but after some unbelievable coincidences and a random computer glitch, I unearthed a big piece of the core that I’d been searching for: my adoption.

What followed was incredible. I began to learn how my adoption experience helped shape who I am today. I searched for my birth mother only to find that she had died just months earlier. As I wrestled with the perplexing grief that followed, I also discovered an instant bond with my biological Grandmother and Uncle, which is the stuff of fairy tales. Visiting my new family in the hills of Appalachian Ohio—where my people have lived for generations—I felt a sense of connection to place I never before imagined possible.

Meanwhile, A Lot Like You continued to take shape, giving me the perfect musical outlet for the complicated mix of emotions I was in the thick of. Eli and Eric needed music that could walk a thin line between the bitter and the sweet, and I never had to work at finding that line. I was already there.

There is a lot more to my story, and it’s still unfolding. For now we have Eli’s film, and as a companion piece, this record. But who knows, maybe one day there will be a new film, a sequel called A Lot Like You Too.


June 22nd, 2016|Categories: Composer, News|

I recently scored Showtime’s Miles to Go Before I Sleep for director Sam Jones. The short documentary is a companion piece to Cameron Crowe’s new series, Roadies. It features Jackson Browne, Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters) and Jim James (My Morning Jacket), who speak candidly about their time on the road and the importance of the crew who work tirelessly to put the show together, as well as capturing a day behind-the-scenes with the crew of Pearl Jam. Miles to Go Before I Sleep will premier Friday, June 24 at 8PM on Showtime.

In my last quarterly report, I was excited to announce that I had put my own music on the front burner. While I did make some progress, I had to bump myself to the back burner for Sam’s Showtime doc. As I type this, I am happy to report that I am back on the front burner—at least for the time being.

The Moody Little Sister record that I produced and mixed was released on May 20. The ten-song record, Wild Places, is available digitally at the usual places like iTunes.

I have signed on to produce singer-songwriter, Jeff Kanzler. Pre-production is set to begin this summer. Stay tuned.


QUARTERLY REPORTS: Fall & Winter 2016

March 2nd, 2016|Categories: News|

On the front burner lately is an artist near and dear to my heart: Pete Droge. After a movie soundtrack, two Droge & Summers Blend EPs and numerous gigs working for others, I am thrilled to be back in the hot seat. I’m grateful to have Elaine Summers occupying the executive producer’s couch. And of course, I am enlisting her writing and singing talents as well. Stay tuned.

Sam Jones asked me to create new music for the podcast version of his TV show, Off Camera. One of my tracks opens this lively episode featuring William H. Macy. Check it out HERE.

Mike McCready and I created some tracks together a good while back. I dusted them off, finished and mixed them recently for inclusion on a benefit album called Good Shit. For details on Good Shit, visit HERE.

Chris Ballew and I recently collaborated on more ambient music together. Check it out HERE. Our latest track is aptly titled, “160110-1.” Be sure to check out all of his tracks—they’re super cool.

The Moody Little Sister record that I produced and mixed will be released on May 6. The ten-song record, Wild Places, will be available at independent record stores everywhere thru Think Indie.

I played spacey guitars on the b-side of Jaime Wyatt’s new 7”. Pick one up HERE.

Hey studio dorks… studio now boasts a pair of THESE.

And finally, we’ve added a new member to the Puzzle Tree team. Recent Berklee College of Music grad, Sean Dwyer is now working with us part time. He’s wearing many hats. And wearing them well. Welcome aboard, Sean!




June 25th, 2015|Categories: News|

I’ve slacked off on getting my Quarterly Reports done. I wanted to at least throw a quick post up here to let you know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Here is some of what’s happening.

I produced and mixed a full-length record for Moody Little Sister. We master in early July. Stay tuned for release details etc.

I am just beginning a new recording project with a long-time collaborator and friend. More on that as it develops.

Chris Ballew and I have collaborated on ambient music together. Check it out HERE. Our tracks are a ways down the page, but I suggest you check all his tracks out—they’re super cool.

I am writing new music and chipping away at existing tracks with an eye on releasing a sizable batch of work under the banner of Organic Shade-Grown Music—OSGM for short. [EDIT: This project is now called 1000 TREES.]

You can’t win ‘em all: I came close to landing the Main Title Theme for a Netflix show a little while ago. I had a blast demoing for it. Elaine Summers, Jay Bellerose and I ended up with a healthy batch of tracks that I expect will see the light of day as part of the aforementioned OSGM project. Also, I applied and was not accepted for Sundance Institute’s Composers Lab. The application process was a great excuse to shape up new works. Again, some of these are sure to find their way into the OSGM hopper.

Jaime Wyatt’s record is out. She recorded a song I co-wrote called “T-Shirt Song.” I also played some spacey guitars on the title track, “From Outer Space.”

There is more. I’ll try and catch up with a more thorough report later.



July 10th, 2014|Categories: News|

ON SCREEN: “Wonder” from the new Droge & Summers Blend EP will be featured in the pilot for a new TV show airing this fall. Details later.

ON STAGE: I will perform a few songs at The Triple Door in Seattle on 8/2/14. The gig is billed as Ian Moore & Friends. I’m one of the friends. I imagine the gig to have a feel of singing around a campfire, which Ian and I do from time to time. Info HERE.

ON THE AIR: The Droge & Summers Blend will visit the XM Radio studios in D.C. this month to play a handful of songs.

IN THE STUDIO: I spent time in L.A. a while back working with producer Mark Howard on a new Jaime Wyatt record. In addition to co-writing two songs, I lent some guitar touches to the project. In case you don’t know who Mark is, he is best known for having been Daniel Lanois’ right hand man. For more on Jaime click HERE.
I’ll be back in L.A. later this month to cut basic tracks for a new Moody Little Sister album. I am executive producing. MLS are a duo from Portland comprised of Naomi Hooley & Rob Stroup. Check out their website HERE. We’ll be joined in the studio by two members of The Blending Crew*, Jay Bellerose & Jennifer Condos, plus guitarist Bob Dunham.
I am also contributing to new music by a Seattle artist named Holly Grigsby. My friend Scott Weiss is producing. We cut harmonies recently and have plans to track guitars soon.

That’s it for now. There are other fun things incubating… more on those next time.




  • The Blending Crew are the musicians who contributed to The Droge & Summers Blend Project.


March 25th, 2014|Categories: News|

For a limited time get 33% off of everything, including the new Droge & Summers Blend Volume Two EP, at THE PUZZLE TREE STORE.

Enter the following discount code at checkout: blend

If buying direct from the artist is not your thing, you can also find it on iTunes, Spotify and the like.

Or if you are old school, brick and mortar, find an independent record store near you by visiting www.thinkindie.com. (Be sure to call them first to make sure they have our record in stock.)

Over and out,



February 11th, 2014|Categories: News|

I am happy to announce the release of The Droge & Summers Blend Volume Two. The five-song EP will be available at independent record stores nationwide on March 25. Visit THINK INDIE to find a store near you.

On February 18, we will launch a PLEDGE MUSIC pre-order campaign. By pledging you will gain immediate access to the whole record via digital download. Plus you can pre-order the CD, t-shirts, a coffee mug, poster & more. Also available will be two one-of-a-kind items: a mosaic guitar by Elaine Summers, and original folk art by me, Pete Droge.

Regular readers of the All Droge News Compendium know that this record was long in the making. We are thrilled to finally share it with all of you. To stay updated, like us on FACEBOOK.

Calico the Band recorded a song I co-wrote with Elaine Summers & Jaime Wyatt. I contributed slide guitar to the recording as well. The song was recently featured on the ABC hit, Nashville.

Last November I spent a couple of days in the orbit of Crosby, Stills & Nash. Elaine and I sang two songs for the aforementioned icons at their EMP Founders Award ceremony. It was nerve-wracking at first, but after making eye contact with Crosby bobbing his head to the groove and sporting a very satisfied, squinty-eyed smile everything clicked into place. Also singing songs from the CSN canon were Jason Mraz, Shawn Colvin, Brandi Carlile, Head & the Heart and other luminaries. EXTRA! EXTRA!

The CSN gig was not the only time I left the house this winter. I sat in with Kim Richey in Gig Harbor. LOOK!

I donated an unreleased song called “First Kiss” to a compilation benefiting Compassion Through Action. LISTEN!

I have signed on to executive produce a record for Portlanders Rob Stroup & Naomi Hooley. Stay tuned.

On the stovetop: Earlier today, I pulled some Mike McCready tracks from the metaphorical freezer and placed them on the front burner. On my to-do list I’ve been looking at a task called “Shape up McCready tracks” for over two years. I have not been successful at finding a clearing in my schedule wide enough to devote my full creative attention to these sonic experiments. So, even though I have other things cooking these days, I have decided to apply at least a touch of heat. Once they are fit for consumption, they are likely to be part of a charity record. WATCH!
Until next time,

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