The Stephen Ashbrook record that I produced, engineered and mixed is coming out on June 17. I co-wrote five of it’s eleven songs, including the title track “White Balloons”. And, I played a bunch of instruments. Stephen is mounting a west coast cd release tour beginning June 5th in Los Angeles. Visit The Ashbrook Myspace page for more on Stephen and details on the tour.

I hope to soon upload a clip from the short film that I scored for Touching Tiny Lives Foundation. This short, fundraising film was directed by Justin Mitchell.

Remodeling continues: Tomorrow, they begin work on the floors for the entry way, kitchen and laundry room. Will be noisy and dusty as they rip out the old stuff. I will stay out of the way sorting thru hours of footage that I shot of young, fledgling Great Horned Owls. These charming rascals have taken a liking to the property surrounding our place and we could not be happier about it.

Songwriting is going well. So far, there are a few songs that I would say are locks to make it on the Droge & Summers album: “Two of the Lucky Ones,” ” Wonder,” and “Tie the Knot.”