I’m going to knock this report out faster than usual. Punctuation and grammar perfection be damned. Who’s got time for such trifles? It’s summer. And if I’m not hunkered down in the studio, or setting up vacation replies on my email accounts, I should be outside enjoying the cold. (You Seattleites know what I”m talking about.)

We made a nice little video for the A Lot Like You soundtrack album. The film’s editor Eric Frith put it together using photos from the album art shoot taken by director Eli Kimaro. WATCH IT

I talk about how working on the film A Lot Like You led to profound changes in my personal life in the bio for the soundtrack. READ IT

The Droge & Summers Blend is back on the front burner. Elaine and I have picked five songs that will comprise Volume Two. All five tracks are in various states of undress.

I’ll be composing original music for a Ward Serrill directed mini-documentary that will air nationally on the PBS show American Masters.

Dutch songwriter and recording artist Yoshi Breen stopped by The Puzzle Tree Studio for a writing session. We hit it off and wrote what we believe is a cool song. Not sure how soon we’ll be able to get this one recorded.

Singer-songwriter, Todd Mayo has a great track brewing at The Puzzle Tree Studio. This is the first bit of production I’ve done in a long while. Not sure whether this will come out soon as a single, or later as part of a collection. In any event, keep an eye on the All Droge New Compendium (ADNC for short) for updates. Until then: A CLIP

Branden Harper and I were happy to be guinea pigs in Michael Cozzi’s new studio. His drum room sounds amazing. Michael has a great Tumblr page chronicling the building of his new studio HERE. See photos of the session on my blog, PUZZLE TREE JUNK DRAWER.

Caspar Babypants Sing Along comes out on August 16. I played on the album’s closing track, “Baby Cloud.” A video is in the works. (Caspar Babypants is Chris Ballew of The Presidents of the United States of America making kid music.)

Seattle International Film Festival was a whirlwind. ADNC regulars know that my film, A Lot Like You, made its world premier there this Spring. My reputation as a recluse is in serious jeopardy. I more than fulfilled my party quota for the year. Here is a bit of the press I did for the film: INTERVIEW LINK

Until next time,