The Living in Between score is taking shape nicely. June saw some real progress. We are still in what we are calling ‘sketch’ mode with music while they continue to shape up the edit. This is the first time I have started into music on a project so early, and so far I like this approach a lot. I am able to work fast and stay focused on the core of an idea without getting bogged down with the minutiae of locking with picture. I know there is plenty of heavy lifting to come, but for now, it is liberating to shoot from the hip.
At the moment, I am putting Living in Between onto the back burner while Elaine and I take a shot at writing the love theme/ end credits song for a romantic drama. It’s a touching story from a director I really admire. If our song sticks, I’ll tell you more.
THE DROGE & SUMMERS BLEND Volume One will be in stores in late, mid August. You’ll be able to buy the record before it’s street date right here as early as late, mid July. More details later.

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by.