IN STUDIO: Work continues on the Gary Yerkins album. Harmonies abound: Elaine and I have been singing background vocals and Gary’s x-bandmate Cathy Richardson flew up from San Fran to lend her voice to the hubbub. Cathy is the voice behind the old Glade commercials, “Plug it in, plug it in.” Remember those? A serious song tumor that one. It’s funny ’cause we used to get calls from friends wondering if it was Elaine’s voice singing in the spots. Was good to meet Cathy… and for those of you who have heard the Puzzle Tree Voice mail message, that’s her. Next I’m cutting more guitars, then I mix.

PETE DROGE SONGS IN MOVIES: “Under The Waves” will be featured in the film BONNEVILLE starring Jessica Lange, Joan Allen & Kathy Bates.

“A Lot Like You” will appear in Blair Witch Project director Daniel Myrick’s latest movie SOLSTICE.