EP available here this week, in stores on AUG 25, Idol runner-up sings Droge, film takes its name from a Droge song & more.

The Puzzle Tree Online Store will launch this week. We are hoping to go live on Tuesday, August 4. You will be able to pre-order THE DROGE & SUMMERS BLEND Volume One EP and immediately download digital files. Plus, we’ll send you the CD long before it hits store shelves on August 25. Today, we are working on mixing a “Commentary” track that will be included on a homemade “Special Features” CDR that will be part of a Deluxe Edition. More details when the store goes live.

Canadian Idol runner up, Mitch MacDonlad, covered my song “Small Time Blues.” I think he does a great version. See for yourself HERE.

Those of you who regularly follow The All Droge News Compendium are no doubt aware that I have been working on a feature film score that has had an evolving name. First, Worlds Apart. Then, Living In Between. Now, I am thrilled to report that they have named the movie after my song “A Lot Like You.”

Finally, an update on the romantic drama Elaine Summers and I wrote a song for last month. They did not pick our song. We did end up with two songs that will be strong contenders for a future Blend EP, though.

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by.