The Gary Yerkins record is mixed. It was a treat mixing on the new Trident desk. Was nice to take my time. Gary lives in Baltimore, so I would work, then upload a ref, get his comments and proceed. Rinse, lather, repeat. I love this record. Gavin Lurrsen will be mastering it soon.

Attention is now turned towards the band Walkie Talkie. If you have been tuning into the “All Droge News Compendium” since a long time back, you know all about WT. For those just joining us now, I’ll bring you up to speed. Walkie Talkie is Jim and Dani Lacey-Baker. They are a husband and wife musical force. I met Jim while searching out The Third Man soundtrack at the old Tower Records on Sunset in LA. He asked if he could send me some of his music and when Elaine and I heard it, we fell for it. Long story short… a few months later Jim and Dani were on a plane on their way to the Puzzle Tree Studio. That was early Spring 2004. Sadly, they ran into some big personal hurdles and the record was put on the back burner for a long time. Happily, now we are dusting the tracks off and breathing new life into them.I am doing my best to be a poor man’s Charlie Watts, Keith Richards and Bill Wyman rolled into one. I am totally revamping a song that was nearly orphaned called “Carolina”. Keeping the vocals and one guitar only from the original track. Jim and Dani are in Austin, so I’ve been uploading rough mixes to the super inter highway net as I go.

I will also work on a holiday song called “When It Snows” this month. And will devote some time to writing for the DROGE & SUMMERS album.