Look for new music this summer. I am working on a project called 1000 TREES. It’s not really a record. It’s more like a series of releases. In addition to good old Pete Droge songs with words and stuff, there will be ambient works, cinematic instrumentals as well as live in-studio versions of oldies from my catalog. For 1000 TREES I’ll be launching a Patreon campaign where you severe Droge Heads will get extra goodies each time I release a track. I am excited to share rarities like early demos, live bootlegs and studio outtakes.

I’ve got a podcast brewing. It’s called Pete Droge is Obsessed. I will interview folks that I admire about the things I obsess over like making records, productivity, work/life balance, the art vs. commerce conundrum and much more. Chris Ballew agreed to be my first guest. He was amazing. Love that man. I’m editing the pilot as we speak. I expect to launch in the next month or two.

Speaking of podcasts, I appeared on The Big Muse podcast with Peter Himmelman a while back. Look for it on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

I’m also devoting energy to the recently hatched Cinema Droge. This is my very own film studio. (My dream is to be the Francis Ford Coppola of Vashon Island.) I’ll be releasing an array of videos thru my YOU TUBE CHANNEL as well as on Instagram & Facebook.

Thanks to everyone who came out for our show at VCA last November. It was a dream. More shows to come.

I played a short set last Saturday (4/22) at Vashon Island Music to celebrate Record Store Day. I was joined as always by my partner in crime, Elaine Summers. Also on the bill: JD Hobson, Shelby Earl, Danny Newcomb, Ian Moore and Jon Langford.

This Sunday (4/30) I’ll be speaking at The Recording Academy’s Songwriter’s Summit at MoPop. Ian Moore and I will be discussing how we balance art and commerce in our careers. Our moderator will be Charles Cross. This portion of the Summit is open only to members of The Recording Academy. So if you are a member maybe I’ll see you there and you can hear all about how I juggle creativity and business.

Until next time,