Poor Man’s Charlie, Keith and Bill

The Gary Yerkins record is mixed. It was a treat mixing on the new Trident desk. Was nice to take my time. Gary lives in Baltimore, so I would work, then upload a ref, get his comments and proceed. Rinse, lather, repeat. I love this record. Gavin Lurrsen will be mastering it soon. Attention is now turned towards the band Walkie Talkie. If you have been tuning into the "All Droge News Compendium" since a [...]

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Plug It In, Plug It In

IN STUDIO: Work continues on the Gary Yerkins album. Harmonies abound: Elaine and I have been singing background vocals and Gary's x-bandmate Cathy Richardson flew up from San Fran to lend her voice to the hubbub. Cathy is the voice behind the old Glade commercials, "Plug it in, plug it in." Remember those? A serious song tumor that one. It's funny 'cause we used to get calls from friends wondering if it was Elaine's voice [...]

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Watching “White Balloons” On the Tube

Look out for the song "White Balloons" on the TV Show, Veronica Mars. I produced this track for Portland singer-songwriter, Stephen Ashbrook and co-wrote it with Stephen & Elaine Summers. The song will appear twice in the episode airing tonight. While work continues on the Gary Yerkins album, Elaine and I are making plans to cut an album toghether later this year. The project will likely be called DROGE & SUMMERS and will feature a [...]

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Trident Series 80 5.1 Surround Console

New console is up and running. I love it. Sounds amazing. First task for the desk is mixing the Gary Yerkins record. (There is some tracking left to tend to on a few of the songs too, which will take place here at The Puzzle Tree Studio and in Chicago.) I'll try and get some pictures of the new board up as soon as I can come up for air. a great horned owl approves [...]

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Big Birds Flying Across the Sky

Acoustic versions of "So I Am Over You" and "Straylin Street" (feat. Mike McCready) have been released on The Bridge Collection. This collection features live performances from Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit concerts and is available exclusively thru the iTunes MUSIC STORE. Other artists on the collection include Neil Young, CSN, Willie Nelson, Norah Jones, Pearl Jam, REM, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Thom Yorke and many more. Here is the big studio announcement... are you [...]

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The Bionic Man

Stephen Ashbrook has recovered from his vocal chord surgery and will return to the Puzzle Tree Studio to put the last touches on his LP. I'm playing a fundraiser for the Vashon Community Care Center on October 17 at The Hardware Store on Vashon Island. Visit "Appearances" on this site for more info. Fair warning... it's not a cheap ticket, but it is a good cause. Plus, I'm knocking out a few overdubs on the [...]

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Only 55 Spots Below Dylan

Under The Waves is #56 on the Coalition of Independent Music Stores' sales chart as of September 9. Just 55 spots behind Bob Dylan's new one. So, that's pretty damn good for a little homespun label like Puzzle Tree Records. Plus, the album has exceeded my expectations by getting a healthy amount of radio play. Thanks to those of you who are sticking your necks out and playing slow songs on the radio. And thanks [...]

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Under the Waves is Out Today

My new album, Under The Waves, hits the street today. For more info visit my Discography page. The album comes in a custom package from Stumptown Printers. It was printed on 100% recycled paper with biodegradable or otherwise low VOC and low impact press washes, inks and press room products. Buy it HERE or get it at the iTunes MUSIC STORE. Steve Earle spun "Give It All Away" on an episode of his Air America [...]

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The News: June 30, 2006

Gary Yerkins and I are recording like mad to finish tracking on his record this month. Ben Smith and Andy Stoller will come out to the Puzzle Tree Studio to help us knock out one more toe tapper. We have also cut two other new songs to round out the record. I can't wait to get some of Gary's tunes into the Jukebox. First traces of radio play for Under The Waves: NPR's "Day to [...]

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