Slow & Steady

Elaine Summers and I have been steadily chipping away at the DROGE & SUMMERS BLEND project. In November, we were joined by Jay Bellerose (drums), Jennifer Condos (bass), Scott Weddle (guitar) and Rob Stroup (engineering). As always, Puzzle Tree Assistant Ninja, Vincent LaBelle was on hand. Before the sessions we were frantically working to complete the songs and get pre-produced. We got it all ready and once everyone was here, things went smoothly. We felt [...]

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What’s In A Name?

Elaine Summers and I have finally settled on exactly what we are going to call our project. Drum roll please... we are now "The Droge & Summers Blend." That is our name and we are sticking with it. We are working on the first in a series of EPs now. Basic tracking was a dream. Our heartfelt thanks to Dave Hull, Matt Chamberlain, Scott Weddle, Rob Stroup and Vincent LaBelle for their amazing contributions. We [...]

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A Single Step

You know it is for real when you book non-refundable airline tickets and accommodations. The DROGE & SUMMERS Blend sessions are set to begin on September 15. For those of you just tuning in, I will bring you up to speed... The "DROGE" is me, Pete Droge. The "SUMMERS" is my long time partner in crime, Elaine Summers. We will be releasing a series of EPs that should each contain around 5 or 6 songs. [...]

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What’s New Pussycat?

I recently composed original music for two TV spots for London's Sunday Times. One stars the legendary Sir Peter O'Toole. Unfortunately, Sir Peter had it written into his contract that the spot cannot be uploaded to the web, so I posted the other spot that stars Paralympic athlete Helene Raysford to the SEE THE WORK page. If you are dying to see the O'Toole spot, you can find it on THE YOU TUBE.I have signed [...]

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A Calm June Puts the Farmer In Tune

The Stephen Ashbrook record that I produced, engineered and mixed is coming out on June 17. I co-wrote five of it's eleven songs, including the title track "White Balloons". And, I played a bunch of instruments. Stephen is mounting a west coast cd release tour beginning June 5th in Los Angeles. Visit The Ashbrook Myspace page for more on Stephen and details on the tour.I hope to soon upload a clip from the short film [...]

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May Flowers

Gary Yerkins' album Compass is out and available now. I produced, engineered and mixed the long-awaited solo effort from this journeyman songwriter and long time front man for Chicago bands The Insiders and the Juleps. Pick it up on the iTunes now. Or be old fashioned and buy the compact disc HERE.Elaine Summers and I have been writing songs for a new album. For those of you just tuning in, we have been threatening to [...]

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The USA Today Today

The song "Letting Go" from Kim Virant's recent album, Songs From a Small House, made Elysa Gardner's Playlist in the USA Today today. This is one of two songs that I co-wrote and co-produced on the album. Run to your nearest newsstand and turn to page D9 to see for yourself. Or save a tree and click HERE for a bloggified version.

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New TV Spot Airing Now

Fans of the Under The Waves album will recognize the track "Into The Sunset" in UNICEF's Tap Project campaign. This track was actually a super-quick, down and dirty demo sketch of an idea for a song. We liked the demo so much we tacked it onto the end of the record. Mainly because we liked it. But, mainly* because we thought, "this would be great in a commercial." You can view the spot on our [...]

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ShootOnline Top Spot Tracks Chart

Shoot Online recognized our song "Going Whichever Way the Wind Blows," for its appearance in Toyota's national Sequoia campaign. The song ranked number eight in their "Winter 2008 Top Spot Tracks." We'd like to thank the Academy... our families... Rohan Young and Lime Studios for a killer mix (we like it when the music is loud)... Lance Accord and Park Pictures, Saatchie & Saatchie and all of our friends at HUM. CLICK HERE to see [...]

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