I recently spent a week in the south of France attending Mix with the Masters. The teacher for the week-long seminar on record production was TCHAD BLAKE. I returned to my studio re-energized and inspired beyond belief. I hope to find time to share thoughts about this life-changing experience. In the meantime, a PHOTO. The mini-documentary Something in the Water will air nationally on the PBS show American Masters. The piece, directed by Ward Serrill, [...]

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I’m going to knock this report out faster than usual. Punctuation and grammar perfection be damned. Who’s got time for such trifles? It’s summer. And if I'm not hunkered down in the studio, or setting up vacation replies on my email accounts, I should be outside enjoying the cold. (You Seattleites know what I”m talking about.) We made a nice little video for the A Lot Like You soundtrack album. The film's editor Eric Frith [...]

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I am thrilled to announce that A Lot Like You will world premier at the 37th Seattle International Film Festival. May 24, Havard Exit, 7PM. (Soundtrack in stores same day.) June 12, Admiral Theater, 1PM. Tickets on sale now at SIFF.NET.

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What do you get when you drop Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready into a recording studio with ungodly amounts of echo being filtered & fedback in real-time by an Eno-infatuated Pete Droge? Watch these videos on Mike’s new blog to find out: VIDEO 01 • VIDEO 02 Chris Ballew aka Caspar Babypants asked me to contribute guitar to a song for possible inclusion on his next album, Away We Go. I usually don’t go for kids’ [...]

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Peter Stroud stopped by The Puzzle Tree on a night off from his tour with Sarah McClaughlan to compose some music with me. I will post photos from the session on my blog THE PUZZLE TREE JUNK DRAWER very soon. In the meantime you can check out some shots from the A Lot Like You album art photo shoot. Evening Magazine is airing a story on me and the music I make for film and [...]

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I recently signed on as “Music Director” for director Ward Serrill’s newest project, TreeStory. Serrill’s previous feature, Heart of the Game, premiered at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival, and was released theatrically by Miramax Films.  Richard Roeper called it "an oscar-level piece of work." TreeStory explores the relationship between humans and trees, told through personal stories, awakening a new way of experiencing trees, and promoting a worldwide movement of tree care. You can become part [...]

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Elaine Summers and I will be singing our song "Tie The Knot" for "An Evening of TreeStories." To be extra clear, we are only singing one song. Below I have copied a blurb about the event from director Ward Serrill : "An Evening of TreeStories" will be held on Dec 1st, 7pm at Wallingford's Good Shepherd Center in Seattle. It will be a celebration of our city's trees. Featuring musical performances from Pete Droge and [...]

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I'd love to say that The Droge & Summers Blend, Volume Two has been on the back burner, but the truth is it's been dumped in a plastic tub and shoved in the freezer. This chilling fact was made clear as a pair of anniversaries passed: it's been over a year since Volume One was released, and two years since we cut the first round of basics. At the moment we are defrosting a couple [...]

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Even though I have unofficially retired from playing live, I will make an exception and join a bunch of old friends for Hootenanny for a Healthy Gulf with Duff Mckagen, Mike McCready & Friends. Since I quit performing, I have played out a couple of times with Stone Gossard. So a precedent has been established: if you play guitar in Pearl Jam and ask me to play a few songs, I'll be there. In this [...]

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I recently added a clip from Zombieland to my reel. It features The Droge & Summers Blend song "Two of the Lucky Ones" while Emma Stone dances with Jesse Eisenberg. View it HERE. I spoke with KUOW's Jeremy Richards a while back about my songs being used in movies, tv shows and advertising. They have run the story a number of times of the last week and a half. You can find the story HERE [...]

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